Korina Evangelinos



Korina was born and grew up in Sweden where she spent her childhood running around in a forest. Perhaps that's why she has always nurtured a love for wood of all kinds. The forest provided her ample supplies of materials to build her siblings’ tree houses with, and you might say this was Korina's start as an interior designer.

Life eventually brought her to NYC where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Hunter College while working in diverse restaurants across the city. Getting to know this side of the hospitality business has proved to be a valuable life experience and an asset when working with design too. Never underestimate the value of a well planned server station in a restaurant!

  A love of design, furniture and art had always been present in Korina's life and eventually she decided to return to school to study Interior Design at  New York School of Interior Design where she got an Associate's Degree in 2014. 
Korina is very happy and excited to have joined the inspiring and creative environment that is A2 Interiors Studio, and these days she no longer works in restaurants but helps design them and eat in them!