Lighting the Other City of Lights.


Lighting the Other City of Lights

One of the best parts about being an interior designer is exploring all the great materials and products that are available on the market. And NYC can be a true goldmine for anyone working in a creative field, searching for…well, anything under the sun, really.  It’s often easy to get stuck in front of the computer when searching for stuff, and yes, the Internet offers an incredible variety of never ending options, but the best ideas usually come to you when you are away from your desk and outside in the “real” world. There is no substitute for actually touching a piece of wood or seeing a piece of art in person.

At A2 we recently had a reason to head out into the jungle of lighting that exists in the city in which we live. Paris may be the original City of Lights, but I think NY can put up a pretty good fight for that title too. Just imagine Times Square at midnight! Not the most sophisticated or romantic image of a lit up city that you can think of perhaps, but I challenge you to find a more…well, let’s say “lively” one.  And we are now entering the season of holiday lighting which could easily be a whole chapter all of its’ own.  All over the city people are busy lighting trees and buildings with holiday lights, and some enthusiasts even decorate their cars in true Christmas spirit. I challenge you to find a car like this in Paris!

Finding the right light can be both overwhelming and confusing if you are not sure what you are looking for. There are literally a million different lamps out there, and before you head out it's good idea to arm yourself with plenty of patience and probably at least some idea of what kind of light you have in mind. Making things a little easier is the fact that many of the lighting stores are often gathered in the same area, but there are exceptions of course, and the coolest and most beautiful lamp might be sitting in random antiques store 65 blocks away. That is the frustrating part for me: not knowing for sure that you have found THE ONE. But isn't that true for most things in life..?

            These are some examples of lighting we found exploring downtown Manhattan a few weeks ago.  Not a bad bunch of lamps, but none of them were THE ONE...

All lights shown were photographed at Lighting by Gregory, NYC.

By Korina Evangelinos