Designer Challenge: Dusty Purple

Often times clients come to us with "What would you do with this color? Where would you place this product? How could you use this material?" In this blog series Vasiliki, Korina and Roi explore a specific subject and how to incorporate it into your interior.

This challenge is how to utilize Dusty Purple. Not our first choice in choosing paint colors or upholstery but in the images below, each designer shows you all the unexpected possibilities.

Our Dusty purple spectrum

Our Dusty purple spectrum


Jean marc palisse interior

Dusty Purple use 1:  Jean Marc Palisse interior
In a neutral background, a dusty purple couch can be eccentric but at the same time elegant and timeless.

Dusty Purple use 2: Legorreta
Dusty purple in combination with a saturated orange will create a modern and energetic environment.


D Purple-2.jpg

These interiors show two different ways to work with color. In the first example the purple serves as an intense pop of color in an otherwise neutral space.  In the second room, the purple is being used as a background for the neutral furniture, but due to the "dusty" quality of the color it still reads as a calm, quiet space. The concrete walls and the vivid purple make the first space more edgy, while the second room has a classic and somewhat romantic feel. Which one do you prefer?


From the smallest of touches to the boldest of spaces, dusty purple can reflect a range of greys, pinks and purples. The contrast of lights and darks in a space like the image on the top right really accentuate the richness of color and creates a timeless modern interior.