Interior Design Trends for 2015

While we strive to be trendsetters, the Wall Street Journal has a new article on the top trends for 2015 and were keeping a close eye on it.  We have our opinions -of course- and some add-ons we would like to see on the list too. Check out the designers point of view on whats trending and more below.

Click link for full article by the Wall Street Journal:

Click link for full article by the Wall Street Journal:


I'm obsessed the WSJ list. Whats not to like? Mixed Metals, painterly rugs - yes please!!! Its like its calling my name. "Vasiliki! Vasiliki - use me".  That being said, i would love to see bold black and white moves up on the trends. They are  a classic and having a moment in fashion so why not make a comeback in Interiors? How elegant and timeless is black and white? Color blocking was so 2013/2014, now lets make way for B+W stripes, patterns, inlays?! They would also pair beautifully with any items on the trending list or be a graphic B+W tile or B+W painterly rug!


So it's the time of year when we are supposed to clean out our closets and get rid of bad habits. It's also the time to look forward for new inspiration  and close the door on tired and worn out trends while welcoming the new ones. But how important are trends really? Personally I don't pay a lot of attention to what's trending. It's fun of course, to check out the latest on the market and imagine fun ways to use them, but when creating an interior I have never once based my design on what's trending at the moment. That said, I have nothing against trends, they just don't drive my work. "Trendy" doesn't equal "new" - it's all about recycling. This year's trends include graphic tiles, smoky glass and the color Indigo, all of which are classics, really. I love graphic tiles but I loved them last year too. And smoky glass is beautiful, but does that mean that clear glass is out? Of course not!

Trends come and go, and sometimes we are especially happy to see something go... the "Text-as-Design" trend for example, in my case. I'll admit it- there was a period in my life when I thought adding text and signs with printed messages everywhere was the coolest thing. There wasn't a rusty metal sign or retro magazine add that escaped my eagle eyes. But now, honestly, if I see another lit up text decoration I feel slightly nauseous. Unless, of course, I'm having breakfast in a retro 50's diner. In old diners signs are a must, the more the better!



Mixed Metals - YES!

There are always some old rules in every profession. For example, in fashion that you can’t wear black and navy blue or that the shoes and bag must always match. But all these rules are old-fashion and they don’t really apply anymore. The same happens with mixing metals in interior design, old-school rules say no but it’s a big YES! By mixing silver, gold, brass and cooper you add warmth to the space and it doesn’t look staged.

Moody Indigo – YES!

Indigo is on the top of the list of rich and deep hues of blue. Not quite blue or purple, it can feel classic, modern and a little bit mysterious at the same time.

Painterly Rugs – YES!

I always add pattern, color and art pieces in a space, why not adding all of the above with a painterly rug!

Smoky Glass – YES!

I don’t agree with “Clear is so last year” but I definitely like smoky glass. Can bring a 70s feel in to the space but also a dynamic and sexy feel that will add a special layer in to your space.

Graphic Tiles – YES!

Graphic tiles can be decoration and statement piece in your space. Combining small and large, square and rectangular and different pattern tiles you create a striking  and very personal look.

My personal obsession this year- “Jungle” Patterns

Inspired by the 2015 Summer trends in fashion I can totally imagine a jungle themed wallpaper in combination with moody indigo and smoky glass!! Oulala!