We are having an appy new year!

So we sat around the office the other day, surrounded by our i phones and computers, and decided to dive deeper into the digital world of technology. What is really out there for a designer,  and what have some other creative people come up with that we can make use of?  After all, everyone knows that "there is an app for that", but what might "that" be?  Well, I for one thought I would give Benjamin Moore's "Color Capture" a try:

 "Color Capture" is an app that helps you to find the perfect paint to match anything you want. All you need to do is snap a picture of anything under the sun that tickles your fancy and then the app will match it to one of the over 3,500 colors in Benjamin Moore's paint library.  I started looking for  inspiration and a challenge all at once, and something immediately caught my eye: Vasiliki's hair! Could there really be an app that would help me find the perfect paint to match her hair?! I had to give it a try.  I started off  by sneaking a secret shot of Vasiliki's abundant curls from behind. It loaded nicely into the Color Capture, and by only moving my finger across the picture it picked up on the MANY different color hues in the image. According to Benjamin Moore, one of the many colors that Vasiliki had in her hair was Kalamata, and what could be more fitting for a Greek girl in Astoria? Above you can see a sample of my experiment and some colors that Benjamin Moore suggested would look good with Vasiliki's hair. Not bad...I still need to play around some more with this app to fully appreciate it I think, and for some reason it doesn't seem to save my images, but that might just be me... Overall I give it a thumbs up :)