Interior Design and Fashion inspiring each other.

Watching some of the shows during fashion week in Paris I couldn’t stop but wonder how fashion and interior design are linked together in terms of trends.

There was a time when fashion trends were the first to surprise everyone and then the interior design world would follow that trend, but things have changed in the modern era and it's not the case anymore. 

Fashion & interior designers are now reading the same blogs, magazines and frequenting similar galleries.  Their relationship as designers have unified in the field and are collaborating together nowadays more than ever.    

A few weeks ago we discussed the interior trends of 2015 pointing to moody indigo, painterly rugs, smoky glass, mixed metals and graphic tiles.

In the following images you can see how the fashion trends of 2015 are interlinked and coupled with interior design. 

Mixed Metals

Indigo Blue

Smoky Glass

Graphic Tiles

Everyone has their own unique style.  We choose what to wear and our choices in fashion represent our personalities in many ways, however we sometimes forget to dress our home.  Just as fashion is a reflection of who you are, so is your home. Don’t forget to dress is up as well. 

By Roi Ioannou