Industrial furniture - Still trending, still for you.

A2 Welcomes our latest blogger - Architectural Intern Silvia!!! In her first post she is exploring industrial furniture how you at home can still maximize on this trend.

Recycling materials is one of the cheapest ways to turn your home into a space that belongs only to you. With a designer’s help, you can improve obsolete materials into a key unique element that will definitely turn people’s head. Check out a couple of these strategies!

Portland based designer QuarterTwenty made a bench out of recycled wood and steel beams. Perfect for either dining rooms at home or coffee shops/café.

Found some giant springs? Cover it with a sleek marble and you have a chic bar stool!

Need a coffee table to match that concrete wall that you’re too lazy paint over?

Find some wood to bring some warm into the space and pair it with recycled iron wheel to match those pipes at the back.

No money to buy an actual bed because you’ve spent too much money on high quality mattress that doesn’t even include a spring box?

No problem! Platform bed made out of recycled timber is a great alternative to that and gives a warm rustic feel to your bedroom.