It's Winter...

So here we are, winter in NYC, which means battling snow storms- historic or not- and days of damp coldness, freezing winds and moody people. It's almost impossible not to get effected by the winter blues, or why not call it "winter grays" because that's definitely the overriding color these days, from the snow on the NYC sidewalks to the color of the sky. Winter is lovely...if you can sit in front of an open fireplace with someone you love while fluffy snowflakes are slowly falling outside your beautiful house in the mountains...but that is not the reality for most of us.

So, how can we cheer ourselves up during these days of yuk, and is it possible to use design to help us? (If you were wondering how I was going to sneak design into my train of thoughts, now you know). Well, if travelling to an impeccably designed boutique resort in the Caribbean is not an option, perhaps we can turn all this grayness into something inspiring and positive? Gray can be beautiful, and when it comes to interior design I'm a big fan of gray.  In fact, last night I had a dream that the wall paper in my bedroom was peeling off, and I ripped it from the walls and painted them ...gray! Clearly the weather is having an effect on me...  I'll leave it up to someone else to analyze what that dream was really about, but when I woke up I felt slightly sad that the beautiful and serene bedroom I had created in my sleep was not actually there. 


It could be though, and that is the whole point! Winter is the perfect time to make our homes a nicer place, and, after all, who wants to go outside most of the time? In design the best ideas often comes from our every day environment and by opening up our eyes to what surrounds us we can find beauty in...well, even a gray pile of snow!