Designer Challenge - Mexican, Banquette, Spring

Its our favorite time in the office - Challenge time!!! And after picking out three random names out of a hat we landed on Mexican, Spring and Banquette. So Korina, Roi and I (Vasiliki) accepted the challenge and got down to designing. Below are our final spaces along with some text on how we got there. Be sure to go to our Facebook page and vote on your favorite one. ENJOY!

VASILIKI: My initial brainstorm for this challenge started with a poem:  Spring is awakening and blossoming. Mexico's freshness and playful color. Banquette is a banquette. :) This little poem stayed in the back of my mind as I designed for this challenge. Wanting my space to be fun and bold, but not kitschy, I started researching Mexican craft, architecture, design that celebrated the Mexican spirit. The wallcovering is an image of an embroidered textile depicting Dahlias, the national flower of Mexico and a link to a Spring bloom. The colors of the banquette were drawn from the colors used by Luis Barragan, renowned Mexican architect. In the end, the challenge resulted in a space that I could see myself grabbing a tequila and a taco on a Friday night. 

KORINA: My Mexican Spring Banquette is fun, colorful and very FIESTA like! Raw materials such as simple wood and concrete are mixed with lovely Mexican textiles and authentic Luca Libre posters. The Verner Panton Flower Pot lamp is a classic that makes me think of Spring since we are all ready for flower pots now... Everyone is welcome to join me for Margaritas :)

ROI: TACO ANATOMY - The idea behind my spring banquette design is inspired & inspirited by the unique Mexican culture, food & color. I wanted to portray a space that's comfortable in nature and is in balance with Mexican infused art and meaning. But most importantly the space has an educational element by teaching the customers tacos anatomy, who wouldn’t love that ;)